Health, Training, and Wellness Center Unwind and Energize – Elevation Davos’ Comprehensive Health and Fitness Offerings

Beyond the Spa: Elevation Davos not only pampers with a deluxe spa and wellness area but also introduces cutting-edge health and sports management. Dive into individually tailored altitude conditions with hypoxia technology in partnership with Davos Sports & Health by Davos Hospital.

Health management

Positioned as a cutting-edge center for contemporary health management at high altitudes, Resort Elevation Davos features diverse training rooms, including diagnostic/therapy rooms. This facilitates on-site diagnostics, training, prevention, therapy, and rehabilitation under precisely defined altitude conditions.

Recent research unveils that the once-exclusive hypoxia method, mainly employed in elite sports for enhancing blood values, now exhibits positive effects in prevention and various medical domains (cardiovascular, metabolism, diabetes, allergy and immunology, sports medicine, etc.), as well as in pre-/rehabilitation and health management.

The controllable altitude climate is not limited to training ambitious athletes; it extends to promoting general health, performance, and an expanding array of medical domains. The secure application of hypoxia under an artificial altitude climate is guaranteed through advanced diagnostics and expert medical support from Davos Hospital.

Medical Collaboration

As the medical partner of Resort Elevation Davos, Davos Sports & Health/Davos Hospital, in collaboration with Kantonsspital Graubünden in Chur, delivers expert specialist and sports/health medical care. You gain direct access to diagnostic and therapeutic services from both hospitals.

For the safe use of hypoxia equipment in training rooms and select bedrooms (for "sleeping high"), we provide individual consultations and clarifications. Our specialists at Davos Sports & Health collaborate with clients to craft tailored training and exposure plans, simulating suitable altitudes based on individual assessments to enhance performance and yield positive health effects.

Our gym area is purposefully designed for simultaneous team training at the desired altitude. Equipped with 30 training stations, cutting-edge sports gear, and facilities for endurance (treadmills/cycle ergometers) and weight training, it ensures a comprehensive fitness experience.

Elevation Davos - Spa-Area
Elevation Davos - Spa-Area

Spa Oasis

Our wellness haven features an array of sauna rooms, dedicated cryotherapy chambers, and invigorating cold baths. Tailored for holistic well-being, additionally, consultation rooms facilitate a warm atmosphere for medical treatments ranging from physiotherapy to sport massages. Spanning over 500 square meters, the wellness oasis boasts expansive sauna and steam bath landscapes, complemented by discreet smaller saunas and secluded steam baths. Enriching the experience are ice showers and relaxation zones, seamlessly integrated with loungers and ambient lighting.

Symbol: Serene Saunas and Steam Rooms
Serene Saunas and Steam Rooms

Our wellness haven features larger sauna- and steam rooms with several smaller cabins discreetly distributed throughout the oasis, offering a more private escape within our wellness realm. Relaxation zones adorned with loungers and ambient lighting add the finishing touch.

Symbol: Elevated Fitness Experience
Elevated Fitness Experience

Spanning over 300 square meters, our fitness area boasts the expected gym essentials, from cardio machines to spacious stretching zones. Stand out with our unique altitude training rooms, which allow activities at simulated heights of up to 6’000 meters. Switch between altitudes during your workout, creating a truly dynamic fitness experience.

Symbol: Controlled High-Altitude Climate
Breath Altitude, Boost Performance: Our Controlled High-Altitude Climate

Our simulated high-altitude climate isn't just for elite athletes; it enhances general health and performance, with various medical applications. With advanced diagnostics and professional medical care at Davos Hospital, safely experience hypoxia in a simulated high-altitude environment.

Symbol: Team Training Hub
Team Training Hub

Our gym is strategically designed to accommodate an entire sports team simultaneously, with a room capacity of 30 training spots. Equipped with state-of-the-art endurance and weight training gear, Elevation Davos ensures athletes can reach their peak performance at the desired altitude.